Wax Maphigia Bonsai Plant


  • Plant Type: Bonsai
  • Plant Height: 7 Inches Approx
  • Plant Location: Outdoors
  • Vase Name: Bonsai Round Tray
  • Vase Height: 3 Inches

Do your friends like to shape their life, by themselves? Or does your relatives are someone who likes to shape your life, career, affairs, and everything? Then why not gift such a great shopping person, something that keeps their desires intact like this Bonsai, that grows the same way, you direct it to.# Ficus Ball is commonly known as weeping fig, benjamin fig or ficus tree. A plant is a gift that grows with time! Buy lively plants such as indoor plants, medicinal plants, Bonsai plants, lucky bamboo bring nature indoors today!

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