Ficus Infinite S Bonsai


  • Plant Type:Bonsai
  • Plant Height:20-25 Inch Approx.
  • Plant Location:Outdoor
  • Vase Name:Antique Ceramic Tray
  • Vase Height:9 Inches
  • Vase Material:Ceramic
FlowerAura encourages gifting green via its beautiful bonsai range. Bonsais are well known for their artistic designs that are aesthetically appealing and visually gratifying. This duo of S shaped ficus bonsai along with 8 shaped bonsai potted in an Antique Ceramic Tray with pebbles makes a great houseplant for any occasion.
Caring Tips:
  • Require filtered and bright indirect light
  • Keep plant outside in summer but protect from direct sunlight
  • Needs temperature above 60 degrees F in winter
  • They are hardy plants with thick trunks.
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