Blooming Pink Rose Box


  • Arrangement of 40 Pink Roses in White Floweraura Box
She was like sunshine in rain. Despite the early demise of her father and cruelty of step-mother and step-sisters she turned out to be an exquisite lady with flawless beauty that every girl fancies. This entrancing arrangement of pink flowers portrays her hopeful elegance that kept her shining bright in spite of hatred of her near and dear ones.
  •  Start by removing the bouquet wrapper.
  •  Cut the stems by one or two inches from the bottom to ensure better water intake.
  •  Choose a vase and fill it with water.
  •  Remove the leaves below the water level to prevent bacterial growth.
  •  Add two tablespoon of Lemon Juice and sugar into the water.
  •  Make sure to place the vase in indirect sunlight.
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